Earning Money On BlackHatWorld: 5 Things You Should Know Before Launching A Marketplace Thread – Based On Experience

05Aug, 2019

So you just upgraded to a Jr. VIP membership and you are starting to realize that the marketpalce here is a gold mine and actually much better than Fiverr and other freelancing websites that would remove your services or force you into paying them more money?

Make sure you follow these simple tips before you get a marketplace thread up and running.

Make it look professional and clean
Everyone loves fancy stuff, but this knows to be expensive and if you attempt to be fancy with no experience in designing and colors, just avoid being fancy and use clean text. I love colorful things myself and i know to be colorful, but this is not a color book, it is a marketplace. You don’t want to find out you are looking silly later and spend $30 just to edit your sale thread to something basic.

Offer free review copies instead thinking of ways to bump your thread the wrong way
You have been into this field for a few years now and feel like a king and thinking what is this guy thinking, i will buy a few proxies, create multiple accounts and blow my thread with replies.
Come on this forum has senior members that spent over 10 years here, you would be silly messing with guys with black shades everywhere… This is more than a marketplace and a basic forum. It’s a community. Do you really think entering a bar where people are so nice and welcoming you makes them stupid? They know your actions before you even take them! The guy with shades goes on a dinner with the ban hammer guy frequently and you surely won’t like to mess with them. You will get my point sooner or later.
Focus on free review copies instead, you will spend less time, you will do something you love and you won’t spend cash for proxies and dumb things trying to be the silly l33t h4x0r.

Do not use your own personal details on marketplace threads
I know you now think i am fair, i have my own company or i have nothing to hide from the public and i used my personal details publically over the years…
Well, this is true, but there are some bad guys on hunting people especially like you, that will scam you or try to extort money from you if you don’t do what they say. Use official emails and contact details such as admin@domain.con. Avoid using your real name, pictures or similar stuff.

Do not offer way too much
I know that there are people here that offer a lot, but always offer smaller amount of what are you actually able to do. If you sell links and you are able to provide 100, offer only 50 links for your highest package and keep the other half as a backup, just in case your PBN gets hit and discovered. This will save you a lot of cash, refunds and headache you would get and having a backup plan B always works and you can just provide a revision.

Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with your guarantees
Let’s say you sell apples that you know are 100% organic and good… a person will come and buy them and you guarantee that to them. This person does not usually buy apples or buys apples a lot. They take them to their home, but on their way to home they drop their bag, on purpose or accidently.
They ate half of your apples and the ones on the bottom of the bag are so bad a few hours later. This person comes back tomorrow and brings the remaining ones, asking for money back.

What will you do?
If you care about your business, you will give this person their money back. But, this type of people will keep returning to your store, tell their friends to do the same and basically you will have your business ruined in no time! You get the point, right?

Don’t try silly things thinking you would stay under the radar like you do on other platforms. Offer the least you would be able to do as a guarantee and only basic things. Honest buyers would not mind buying a like service if you offer no guarantees. They know and they should be aware of the risks involved. Build up your reputation and give back to the community.

  • If you sell SEO offer a guarantee for report and work promised only. Avoid providing a ranking guarantee as things know to be different depending on the niche and competition.
  • If you sell likes, followers, etc. or have a panel make sure you state the purchase does not come with refills. What if Social Networks remove your accounts after a year?
  • If you sell shoutouts offer a guarantee for the post only, not the conversions.
  • If you sell web design, graphics, video production offer a fixed amount of revisions. Never offer unlimited revisions as competitors will exploit you sooner or later.
  • If you sell web hosting do not make your offer look like a miracle or offer years of support… What if you get hit by a car tomorrow, would your family give money back later?
  • If you sell any other virtual items and digital goods it’s worth mentioning they buy under their own risk.

I hope you find this useful and this is based on my own experience.

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