Guide to Easy $10 – $50/day for beginners and starting your own Online Business

05Aug, 2019

Lets get straight to the point, this guide will show you how to start earning online as a newbie with basic computer skills.
This is easy and requires zero investment, however if you follow my guide, with less than $50 you will earn even more.

I will be using Micro job/Freelance websites, domain name, web hosting, wordpress, woocommerce, payment forms and Blackhatworld and try to change the way you think if you are a newbie into IM.

Step 1: Account registration
Go to each website below and register an account. Pick a good username that is easy to remember.

  • Fiverr
  • SEOClerks
  • Legiit
  • PeoplePerHour
  • FiveSquids

Step 2: Listing services
To choose services to resell, go to SEOClerks and order by rating or price. Pick services that are $1 – $3. Rewrite the description. Learn basic GIMP/Photoshop actions and create unique image for your service.
List the service to all websites above for x2 or x3 the original price.

Go to the Blackhatworld Marketplace and look for services $1 – $10.
List them on all the websites above for a higher price of your choice.

Step 3: Create Social Media Accounts
Create a Twitter account that you will use for promoting your services.
Go to:
Start following 10 – 15 people per day and interact with them. Use exchanges like addmefast to get a few follows just for the count. Increase that follow count gradually.
Do the same for Facebook and Pinterest.
Post your services links there.

Step 4: Video marketing
Go to Lumen5, Rawshorts, etc. and get a trial or free account or get camtasia from TPB and get into it as there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube.
Create a video for each service on each platform you sell. Start uploading on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc. and place your service link in description.

Step 5: Your first investment
Assuming you followed the steps above, in 2 weeks you should have earned $5 – $50.
Even if you did not, skip your daily starbucks coffee for 3 days and you have the money for your future business.
– Get a domain name $1 – $8 (goddady has $1 domains)
– Get web hosting for 1 month $0.01 – $5 (hostgator has 1 cent offer)
The providers above actually suck so if you are able to afford spending more i recommend Namecheap, InternetBS, Dynadot or Njalla for domain registration and a web hosting provider from the Blackhatworld Marketplace section.

Step 6: Build your store
Install wordpress, install woocommerce and setup products. Add your products/services and use Paypal and Coinbase plugins for payments that are free.
You can optionally get Jotform ($19) or Wufoo ($39) and set the products as affiliate products, but have them actually redirect to your form for payment and getting order info.

Step 7: Start blogging on your store domain and promote it
Using the skills mentioned above, start adding content and promoting that content using videos and social media. This will also help with ranking. Build some WEB 2.0 blogs. Do not spam. Use unique content. Treat your website as you would treat a new car, as you would treat your kids, your wife or person you love.

Step 8: Big investment
Assuming you already earned $300 – $1000 or more you are probably an addict here and learnt new things. Buy a Jr. VIP membership.
Start a sale thread.

Step 9: Your sale thread
Add new services on your micro jobs accounts from things you learnt on the forum. Add the same ones on your website. Include these on your marketplace thread.

Some ideas:

  • Content writing
  • Graphics design
  • Guest posts
  • Promotion on your accounts, websites, etc.
  • Something else you enjoy doing

Step 10: Keep learning, skip school, forget about university and save money for new projects and scaling up
Yes, i skipped high school all the time and still all my grades were A, except History, Music and Art that i never wanted, but were forced back then as those stupid assfuck teachers never had anything real to offer.
Pick a niche you really love. Learn at least some basic Web design, Graphics design and WordPress related things. Going into programming is not a bad idea and i recommend learning PHP or even further AI and automation.
Never buy a car, phone, vacation with the first money you earn. Something may change tomorrow. Have some money spared for your IM future, no matter if you have or do not have a day job.

Conclusion: With no money or optional with less than $200 you can still build something profitable.
I went to UNI and left the 3rd year because i found it useless, having a diploma lay somewhere where my parents keep their most precious stuff, being “proud” of a nowdays mammal achievement. University is a waste of time and money if you are an avarage person. University is for people below average. Respect to the exceptions, as there always are people, but they also struggled and spent a lot before getting their first cent.

Everything is available online, you do not need to pay for someone that is dumb, but somehow got a diploma and is a teacher, to teach you stuff the wrong way. Avoid buying books and methods to get rich quick.

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